Go For It

Go For It is a handy task management utility built for Elementary.

Posted by Kirk on 4 January 2016

Go For It! is a simple and stylish productivity utility. It features a to-do list that is merged with a timer that enables you to keeps your focus on the current task. I've already installed it and used it extensively, and I think it is brilliant. You should "give it a go" also!

Go For It's workflow is demonstrated in the following video:

Storage and Synchronization

To-do lists are stored in the Todo.txt format. This simplifies synchronization with mobile devices and makes it possible to edit tasks using other front-ends.

If you already use Todo.txt, beware of the fact, that Go For It! automatically archives completed tasks to the done list!

Download and Installation

The Author Manuel Kehl maintains a Launchpad PPA which can be used to acquire .deb packages for Ubuntu (derivates) >= 14.04. It is recommended to add the PPA for automatic updates:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mank319/go-for-it
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install go-for-it


If you like Go For It! and want to support its development, buy Manuel a coffee.


Go For It! is free and open source software hosted on Github. Any type of contribution is welcome!

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