Install YUI Compressor on OSX

Install Yahoo's YUI compressor and use it in the terminal.

Posted by Kirk on 4 January 2016

I have been searching for a simple command line utility to minify my .js and .css files to get faster loads on my static sites. Most of the available applications are for on-the-fly conversion on a webserver. This is not much use if you just want to minify your files before deployment.

Any way YUI Compressor is available through homebrew. So to install open up your terminal and issue the command:

brew install yuicompressor

After it is installed you can use it at the command line. It can minify 1 or more files you pass as arguments and output to the screen. if you pass output to file you can do it like so:

For a CSS file:

yuicompressor test.css > test.min.css

For a JS file:

yuicompressor test.js > test.min.js

Too Easy :)

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